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Precision Soil

Variable Rate Technology

How is AgraTactics different from all the rest?

We do not use satellite imagery to create our prescription maps. Instead, we use site specific soil sampling.

What is site specific soil sampling?

Each GPS referenced soil sample is taken and analyzed separately and a nutrient map is generated for each nutrient.

We can then use this information to create a Prescription Map based on specific nutrient requirements throughout the field.

Nutrient Variability

Within a single field, you can have your highest and lowest organic matter less than 300 ft of each other.

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Benefits of Using VR
  • Increased Crop Uniformity
  • Precise Herbicide/Fungicide/Swathing Timing
  • Improved Yield and Quality
  • Smart Scout Pests
  • Maximized Nutrient Use Efficiency
  • Risk Management
  • Reduced Lodging
organic matter diagram
organic image prescription diagram

The prescriptions are then uploaded onto the producer's VRA controller.

Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place - The prescription applies nutrients only where needed. A lower application rate of nitrogen is applied to areas of the field that have higher organic matter/high residual nitrates/ salinity problems. This means fertilizer is not wasted and can be applied in places where it is needed.